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Jason Sweet

Jason Sweet



Jason Sweet, founder and co-owner of Freedom, went to high school in Warrenton and then after graduating left and joined the US Army. During his four-year active duty enlistment with the 1st Armored Division, he spent 6 months on deployment in the deserts of Kuwait during Operation Desert Springs and then a 12-month tour deployed to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom. During this time Jason developed his attention to detail, discipline, and organizational structure.

Jason and his wife Gina (who was also a soldier) got married and after completing their 4-year commitments with honorable discharges went back to Warrenton to start their young family. Jason spent several years as a union carpenter building homes and working his way up through the apprenticeship program.

After the market collapsed and the building industry came to a screeching halt, Jason shifted gears and moved over to a job with the telephone company. There he sharpened his customer service skills as well as problem-solving and community service.

Jason though was unfulfilled in his work and knew that he had that entrepreneurial spirit. He began studying personal development, business development, and organizational management through reading, attending seminars, and self-discovery.

Jason and Ryan (who were friends growing up) first linked up and started several small businesses together. Through trial and error in marketing, sales, and ownership, they quickly gained priceless experience in business and life.

Freedom Restoration and Roofing was birthed from these experiences! Freedom is now one of the fastest and healthiest businesses in St. Charles, Warren, and Lincoln County. Freedom is built on a solid biblical foundation. Outstanding customer service, quality of material, and installation is our community approach. Freedom believes in transparency with our customers and developing authentic relationships with everyone we do business with including, vendors, suppliers, and other contractors.

Jason's focus is on developing a systematic business that produces healthy growth, quality jobs within the community, and strong relationships with everyone we do business with! Jason and his wife Gina have 4 beautiful children.

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